Live Collections Vehicle Tracking

Track the garbage/recycling and yard waste truck through the Village

A few items to note:

  • The truck location will only upload when it is re-connected to wi-fi. This means the truck location updates a few times per day.
  • The map displays from Monday-Friday of each week. At times, the truck routes will overlap. 
  • The key below details the description of the truck and the items it is collecting. 
  • Trucks not moving are the trucks not in use for the collection routes. 
  • Trucks will be added or removed seasonally such as the loose leaf collection truck and snow plows
  • Click on the link below to be taken to the live tracking map


  • Yard Waste truck- collecting yard waste materials such as branches, brush, and bagged leaves
  • Garbage/Recycling truck- collecting garbage every Monday and Tuesday with recycling collected on Wednesday
truck icon2