Tax & Assessments

Property Tax Bills
Property tax bills are mailed to residents by mid-December of each year. Property tax payments can be made at Village Hall or by mail. The first installment or the full amount is due by January 31. The second and third installments are due by March 31 and May 31 respectfully.

What Do I Pay?
Residents often wonder how the village property tax money is allocated. It is important to remember that while the village collects the entire sum of money, only 26% is used to fund village operations, such as general government, snow plowing, garbage / recycling collection, and police services. Below you will find a breakdown of how much village services cost on a monthly basis.
  • Average assessed home value: $336,029.00
  • Average monthly property tax bill (Bayside portion): $207.50

Price Service Price
Public Safety  $57.47 Other $7.56
Community and Utility Services $32.26 Stormwater Management $16.67*
Sanitary Sewer $39.17* Dispatch $8.48
Long-term Financing $40.12 Library $4.79
Fire and Rescue $26.89 Building Inspection $2.04
Capital Projects $6.61 Public Health $0.87
General Government $14.43 Recreation and Leisure $0.26
*Denotes separate fees not included in tax levy.



The Village uses Accurate Appraisal LLC for assessments.

For more information, please contact Accurate Appraisal LLC at 800-770-3927.